Leaving home is tougH… even if they are ready to go.

We work so hard to prepare our kids academically for college or whatever is next, but what about preparing them emotionally? Leaving home and starting a new chapter is both exciting and intimidating. Can you take yourself back to showing up to freshman year of college?

What do you wish you had known?

In October of senior year, you might start to see anxiety about next year ramp up. Of course, the college application process is stressful, but it’s also the beginning of imagining what next fall might look like. For some kids, it’s April or May when the reality hits that next year they’ll be on campus somewhere! Perhaps it’s the difficulty of trying to decide where to accept that’s overwhelming. They might be SO ready to get out of here…but the unknown, while exciting, is also scary.

It feels as if every decision will forever alter the course of your life.

After the location is decided comes thinking about finding a roommate, making friends, choosing classes, getting the right place to live, balancing college work and college life. It’s hard to wrap your head around what you don’t know yet. I’m here to help with a smooth transition.

The coolest thing about working with me through my college transition program is that your child and I get to establish a relationship, talk about potential challenges/areas of worry, and make a game plan in person before they go. Then, we keep in touch via secure online video sessions to check in on how things are going and work through any potential challenges. This is a proactive step to having an as-needed ally and mental health professional on hand, rather than hitting a rough patch, being far away from home, and waiting until things get really bad to try to find someone to talk to. My college transition clients also get the opportunity follow up in person when they are home on breaks.

This program is based on the success of clients that I’ve worked with through the college transition process and on my own experience of leaving the close community of Aspen for the culture shock of the East Coast. Looking back, it would have been so beneficial for me to have had someone who I knew was a good fit to talk me through some of the challenge of navigating a new culture, new schedule and being far from home.

Some Things Are Hard to Discuss with Your Parents

A trusted relationship with a therapist helps make the emotional transition away from home less rocky. I want to be there for your kid.

I Work with College Students On


-Making good connections
-Finding your “people”
-Living with a roommate
-Drug and alcohol use/abuse
-Finding support at school
-Time management
-Connecting to interests
-Managing medical needs far from home

-Keeping up with school work
-Anxiety coping skills
-Emotional tolerance and maturity
-Communication skills

If you want in, you can buy the “College Transition” package which includes 4 pre-college sessions, and 2 follow ups once at school for $950. Following the package, as needed add on sessions are available at my hourly rate. You can pay up front or as we go. This is a great way to make sure your kid has the support he or she needs in going off to school.

Get support for a smooth college transition.


You deserve to live fully and free of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Seeking professional help is a great first step when you've hit a rough patch or things are starting to feel unmanageable. I work with adults, teens, and children in my Aspen office and online. My expertise and experience shows up in every session to create a safe space for you to explore the changes you are seeking.

Melissa Seigle, LPC (LPC 0011852)
Location: 215 S. Monarch Street #303, Aspen, CO 81611 and online
Phone/Text: 970-379-3110
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