Is teenage angst taking over your house? Or maybe you have kid who is experiencing BIG emotions that you aren’t quite sure how to handle? I’m here to connect with your child and support you as the parent. Let’s work on getting the kid you know is in there back.


Are your conversations with your high-schooler eliciting one- word responses? Are they always stressed or experiencing big mood swings? Do you notice them withdrawing or becoming explosive when upset? Is this just being a teenager, or is it something more?

Being a teenager is hard and comes with it own unique set of struggles that are tough to navigate. The pressures of school, sports, friends, family, social media, and peer pressure can feel overwhelming and unmanageable for both teens and parents. In my work with adolescents, having an authentic connection and meeting them where they are comes first in the creation a successful experience in therapy.

I empower teens in building their own identity, creating positive and supportive relationships, managing stress and overwhelm, and learning emotional regulation and coping skills that will serve them for the future.

I use humor, life experience, creative ways of thinking, and applicable strategies to engage adolescents in working on what they are struggling with. I believe small, manageable steps lead to big changes. Over the course of my career, my work with teenagers and young adults has been some of the most touching and powerful for me, and this group holds a special place in my heart. Following our session, I will connect with parents to talk about ideas to implement at home or in school to further progress and better support the child.

Is your teen resistant or not on board with the whole “counseling” idea? I get it. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea of talking about feelings with a stranger…let’s have them come once and see what they think. I like to think of it as them interviewing me. About 90% of my initially resistant clients come back because working with me is different than what they imagined therapy to be like.

I Can Help Teens With




-Social issues and friendships

-Eating disorders

-Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse

-Suicidal Ideation or Self-Harm



-Managing big emotions

-Divorce or changing families

-Doing better in school

-Stress management

-Family Conflict and Relationships

-Test Anxiety



-Next steps


Is your kid experiencing meltdowns or tantrums over things you don’t understand? Maybe they are struggling to adjust to a family change like divorce, remarriage, moving or separation. Perhaps you notice they struggle in social situations, and could use a little guidance. Or maybe they just seem down on themselves and are having a tough year at school.

Insightful and ever perceptive, often times children don’t possess the verbal or emotional skills to identify and appropriately express what they are feeling. Whether your child is explosive, withdrawn, struggling in school, or just seems down, counseling is a great place to start working on the communication and regulatory skills that are missing.

Therapy looks a little different for children, as talk therapy is too complex and boring as an effective method.

Children under 10 usually don’t respond to the “sit and get” talk therapy approach adults imagine. This is where play therapy comes in. I use an engaging and interactive therapeutic approach with children to help them meet their goals. I have extensive training in both directed and non-directed play therapy. Play therapy includes toys, games, creative ways of thinking about emotion, mindfulness, music, movement, art, slime, time outside, sand tray work, and nerf basketball. Usually, sessions look like a mix of a directed therapy activity, and then a chance for the child to choose an activity. Through games, art, and play kids can be authentic, process trauma and struggles, and find solutions.

Kids love working on social skills, listening, and communication alongside my therapy dog, Denali. Following our session, I will connect with parents to talk about ideas to implement at home or in school to further progress and better support the child.

I Can Help Kids With

-Attention Disorders and ADHD

-Doing better in school

-Making friends



-Behavioral Issues


-Social Skills

-Managing big emotions

-Divorce or Changing Families

-Grief and Loss

-Family Conflict

-Self Esteem