Are you overwhelmed and anxious, feeling like you can never catch up? Maybe you live in constant comparison to those around you. Or you sometimes wish there was an off-switch for your brain. You may notice that things that used to bring you joy don’t lift you up anymore. Maybe this is a phase of transition and it’s hard to decipher next steps. What about that self-worth stuff? Do you determine your sense of self by approval from others, old stories, or past relationships? You are in the right place for help.

Maintaining friendships and community, crushing our careers, showing up in our relationship, putting family first, all while taking care of ourselves isn’t an easy balance.

You might be doing all this far from home and struggling to build community in a mountain town. Dating, or making friends, or just finding your “people” here feels overwhelming and hard. I got you.


We’ll look at the judgments and old narratives that can often cloud our perceptions and work to try on new mindsets. You will find whole-hearted compassion and a safe space to talk during our sessions. I will challenge you, laugh with you, and sit in emotion with you. I show up for you, every session, with not only my expertise and experience as a therapist, but as a trusted ally. You’ll leave with ideas to think about, write about, and practice over the week to further your progress.

I use many different modalities and techniques in therapy, depending on what I feel will be most effective for you. We’ll create space for you to gain some perspective and learn how to show up for yourself. There is a healthy balance between honoring or grieving our past and exploring new ways of thinking, being, and feeling for the present.

I provide skills and tools to help you navigate where you are, while also teaching you to explore and allow the stuff that we can’t shift. Emotions are messengers and, while sometimes painful, I’ve found it can be powerful to listen to them.

I use mindset/perspective shifts followed by action steps to help you connect to now, rather than spinning into the past or future. If you’re working towards a specific goal, we’ll make a manageable plan and follow up each session.

In addition to clinical counseling interventions, the nerd in me is fascinated by our mind-body connection, brain science, evolution of emotion and neural biology. I do my homework and I read the research. The scientific side of things helps us understand our “why” so incorporating current clinical research is extremely helpful. BUT, the biggest thing I take from current therapeutic research is the importance and power of the therapeutic relationship. Research states that a positive, trusting relationship is the most powerful factor for effective therapy and fostering that with my clients is a top priority.


I bring a down-to-earth, authentic and compassionate presence into session. Even if you’ve never been to therapy before, people find easy to relax in session with me. I use humor, wit, metaphors and connection to real-life in every session. You will leave with ideas or tools to practice and think about so you can continue your work outside of session. We can even take our sessions outside for a hike or ski. I want to find out what really matters to you. I want you to live the best version of yourself. You are worth this investment in you.

There are many proven benefits of talk therapy. Many of my clients report better communication, enhanced relationships, less irritability, higher self-esteem and a clearer sense of understanding and purpose as highlights of the changes they are noticing from therapy. Therapy helps you better feel and understand difficult emotions, and provides the tools to manage them. Sometimes, it’s the power of a safe space and outside insight that helps us find what is right in front of us.

Modalities I Use:

-ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

-DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

-CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


I Can Help You With:




-Managing big emotions

-Career difficulties

-Life Transitions


-Managing Stress

-Family conflict

-Parenting and Co-parenting

-Finding connections and community


-Grief and Loss